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One Simple Hair Up Tool For Multiple Looks
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Introducing the SCRUN

Sensational styling made easy. A revolutionary hair accessory.

Our product is a brand new innovation. It has been uniquely designed to create, shape and hold your hair up do. It is specifically designed to enable you to create more current and fashion-led looks versus the traditional & existing hair donut/ bun/ sponges, which are currently on the market.

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A brand new innovation

The SCRUN is a hair tool that creates multiple hair up results with ease due to its built in hairband and its modifiable features.

Built in hairband

Provides Hold & Security without additional hairdressing tools/ accessories.

Shapable / Moldable

For more styling choices. Create the look that you desire.


For smaller hair up results.


Easy to carry/ store

Different shapes

For a natural look, textured look or a fuller look.

Conventional Styling

Multi-purpose product - with this product, no more need for hair donut.


More economic.


Ease of application and coverage, increase volume with more styling options


A guide to using the SCRUN
SCRUN - step 1

To begin creating your perfect look, simply gather you hair into a ponytail

SCRUN - step 2

Pull your hair through the SCRUN, just like using a hairband. Repeat for a stronger hold if desired

SCRUN - step 3

On the last time stop as close to the end as possible leaving your ponytail to look like a loop.


SCRUN - step 4

Spread your hair around until the entire SCRUN is covered.

SCRUN - step 5

Secure your hair using hair grips in and around your SCRUN.

SCRUN - step 6

Tease your hair to perfect your final look.

Introducing US

Abby & Karly Whittaker.

We have built a high profile career in the hairdressing industry. From our expertise as hair up specialists, we have designed and developed a new hair up tool. We have called this accessory the SCRUN, due to its design and concept. We believe the SCRUN will revolutionise the way we put our hair up.

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